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Intense Pulsed Light

What is IPL ?
IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ) is the intense light energy (likely flash) used to stimulate the collagen and elastin production under the skin, as well as, cure the spot from the sunburn. Also, it helps refresh the skin condition, make the skin look younger, and reduce the wrinkle which will not hurt the skin at all. 
- IPL cures the black spot by reducing the dark pigments 
- IPL stimulates the skin to produce the collagen in order to cure small wrinkles around the mouth 
- IPL reduces the size of blood vessel in order to make it less visible when looking at the skin
- Pore will be smaller
- Skin tone will be equalized, dark skin will get brighter and healthier  
Things to do before taking IPL treatment
IPL is able to treat in all area of the body such as neck, chest, arm, hand, back, legs, and armpit. IPL treatment has the condition in treating the body area with dark skin. For the ones who have the dark skin and get sunburned (not more than 2 weeks) will not be recommended to go for IPL treatment as they might get the skin burned.
Thing to do before IPL treatment is to avoid encountering the sunlight directly (e.g. sunbathing or walking by the beach among the sunlight) 1 – 2 weeks before the treatment. 
How to do the IPL treatment?
The treatment process starts from spreading the gel around the area to be treated, and wear the glasses to protect the eyes from the light from IPL machine. Medical expertise will set the light level by considering the skin problem to be treated, and he will place the IPL equipment on the area to be treated and light for the treatment. The light is as bright as the flash from the camera. 
How do the patient feel while being treated?
While being treated by the light, patient will feel like he gets hit by the plastic band and feel a little bit warm. IPL treatment will not occur the pain, so that, anesthetic is not needed. 
How long does the treatment per time take?
Approximately 15 – 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated. 
How many times to treat until the expected result?
Mostly, the treatment should be done continuously for 4 – 6 times, a time per month. In general, only the first time of the treatment will let the patient feel that the skin is smoother, the pore is smaller, and the black and red spots are vanishing. After 4 – 6 treatments, black and red spots will almost be disappeared, and the skin will be silky. 
Affects from IPL treatment 
IPL treatment is safe and only a few affect after the treatment is found in patients. After the treatment, patient will feel warm at the skin around 20 – 30 minutes, and red spot occurred but will get disappeared within 2 – 3 hours. For the patient treating the freckles will get the scab after the treatment for 3 – 7 days. After the IPL treatment, patient should avoid facing the sunlight directly for 1 – 2 weeks, and needs to use the sunscreen to protect the skin.