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Ac Clear

Ac Clear is the combination of 3 treatments
- Clear Peel
- Phono or Ionto
- IL, 27 CE
This helps reduce the oily face and pimple problems. IL helps reduce the inflammation of the pimple, 27 CE helps force the pimple in order to reduce the inflammation after, and Phono or Ionto will help cure the blemish, freckles, and bright the facial skin.
How often can this treatment be taken?
- For oily-face patient, the treatment can be taken every week
- For normal face patient, the treatment can be taken every 2 weeks
Treatment Prohibition
- Patient who has facial wound
- Patient who has a dry skin
- Patient who has Dermatitis from the infection
- Patient who just had the laser treatment
- Patient who is allergic to BHA