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Nevus Seborrheic Kevatosis and CO2 Laser

What is CO2 Laser?
This treatment uses Carbon dioxide laser to remove the mole, freckle, and pimple. Unlike the operation, CO2 Treatment is an effective treatment which can choose the area to remove without causing the damage to other tissues and without bleeding and wound.
Generally, the wound caused by the carbon dioxide laser will be flat and very small. Mostly, treatment will not leave the scar on the skin after the treatment.
Does it hurt while taking CO2 Treatment?
Before the treatment, patient needs to apply anesthetic, but the anesthetic injection might be applied if the treated area is large. While taking the treatment,patient will not feel hurt at all.
How many times does the treatment take?
The treatment might take more than 1 time if it is the mole with deep root as trying to remove the deep mole root in 1 time can cause the wound. If it is the small freckle, the treatment can be done in 1 time.
Recovering Period after the Treatment
After the treatment, patient should avoid the treated area to face the water for 24 hour, and needs to apply the antibiotic ointment every day for 7 days. The dried wound will be peeled off and leave the pink skin inside, and will be normal after a few days.
Result after the Treatment
The mole and fleck will be disappeared, and the skin will be flat after the taking the treatment for 7 days.