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What is ST Refirm? 
ST Refirm treatment is the combination of 3 skin care technologies without pain.ST Refirm helps whiten the upper-layer skin by IPL+RF technology, as well as shape and tighten the face by Infrared Ray beam fromm Elos Technology.
Benefits of ST Refirm 
- Painless during the treatment
-Small laser which is good for working on the details
- No anesthetic needed before the treatment
How does ST Refirm Treatment work? 
ST Refirm treatment helps take care of the skin by 2 systems
- Skin Rejuvenation helps refresh the upper-layer skin by IPL and RF. They are able to remove the abnormal pigment on the upper-layer skin which makes the skin brighter. It also stimulates the new skin cell creation and make the skin smoother with fewer wrinkles and smaller pore.
- Refirm helps firm the skin under the fat layer with Infrared Ray. The Infrared Ray will make the fat layer and upper-layer skin shrinked, and that leads to the tighter and firmer skin. Also, the eye bag will be smaller as the fat is shrinked.
Result from ST Refirm Treatment
- Brighter skin
- Balance skin tone
- Fewer freckles and red & black spots
- Firmer pores
- Smaller facial shape
- Firmer skin
- Fewer wrinkles
- Smaller eye bag
- Tighter cheek
- Smaller double chin
The Feeling during the ST Refirm Treatment 
Both systemsof ST Refirm treatment is designed to use less energy but give the same result as the normal one. Normally, the pain during the treatment depends on the level of energy used in the treatment.Therefore, the energy used in ST Refirm treatment will not cause the pain ordiscomforton the skin. The patient does not require to apply the anesthetic before the treatment. The feeling during the treatment with SR (Skin Rejuvenation) will be as same as slightly getting flicked and warm on the skin, and will feel getting warmly sucked on the skin with Refirm.
The Change from the Treatment
The treatment enables patient to see the change since after the 1st time treatment with the tighter and brighter skin, as well as, fewer freckle and red spots after 7 days.
How many times does it take and how long does the result last?
Taking the treatment 1 time per month for 5 times will give the better result than taking the treatment only 1 time. The result form the treatment lasts for 1 –2 months, and the consecutive treatment remains the result for 6 –12 months
The Gap between each Treatment 
The recommended gap between each treatment is 4 –5 weeks.
Side Effect from ST Refirm Treatment 
The side effect from ST Refirm treatment can be found in only some patient such as the cause of the swelling red spot, and it will be disappear in 30 –60 minutes from the cold massage. For the scab, it is normal for every patient to get this kind of pain,and it will be peeled off in 7 days.
Who suits ST Refirm Treatment? 
- The ones with big facial shape caused by the fat who want to smallen the facial shape and brighten the facial skin
- The ones who want to get rid of the loose skin, double shin, and eye bagproblems and want to firm and brighten the skin