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What is Regen?
        Regen is a slimming technology and reduce sagging skin with the TriPollar RF power, the skin tightens, fit and firm.
Advantage of tighten skin and reduction cellulite with Regen.
- Tighten and reduce cellulite (orange peel skin) in one tool.
- No soreness. 
- See the difference in the treatment at first time.
How long does the treatment work?
- The treatment can work 6-12 months depend on the individual's health.
Who is suitable for Regen?
- Regen is suitable for people with sagging skin. Age between 20-50 years and need to take care of their shape for good looking without surgery.
How REGEN makes skin and shape firm?
-Regen uses TriPollar RF energy (3-polar RF), the latest evolution of RF technology that works on Dermis and subcutaneous fat at the same time.
- Regen will send RF energy down to the fat layer under the skin, which is the main goal of treatment. RF energy stimulates fat burning. One part of the fat will become liquid and go out of the fat cells then fat cells are smaller and this liquid is expelled from the body. When fat cell is small, fat layer will get smaller as well. Moreover, RF energy also contributes to the shrinkage of the fat layer. Body shape will becomes fit and firm.
- Regen will send RF energy to the dermis, which is a layer of intense collagen. RF energy causes collagen fibers to shrink rapidly. As a result, the skin will become tighten and the heat will stimulate to create collagen in the long term.
Does Regen help reduce cellulite?
The Regen procedure is expelling liquid out of cells. When the denseness within the fat cell decreases, the cells will small. Cellulite will certainly reduce.
How you feel during treatment?
During treatment, you feel warm and might get a little pain in some areas.
How long does it take to the result?
The body shape is smaller every 0.5-1 cm treated. And the third change can be seen clearly.